Good Bye Spring, Hello Summer!

We all know that summer is on it’s way and spring is going to be leaving soon. Although spring is very nice , with the beautiful  flowers blooming and the weather heating up, but  I personally like summer more and that might just be because in summer I see family and swim in Lake Michigan and of course in pools. And you can’t forget about the warm weather , although it can get a little warm, it’s nice when you’ve got a pool right in your backyard. Well I hope that I’ve gotten  you excited for summer .  

Here Comes SUMMER!!!

Summer is on it’s way and I’m getting very excited. And I’m sure I’m sure I’m not the only one . Summer is extremely fun. Seeing family , going on vacation , swimming in the pool. Playing outside  and you can’t forget NO SCHOOL! Yay!Isn’t it so exciting! I say again HERE COMES SUMMER!!😃

My interview with Mrs. Reagan

A couple of days ago I went down to Mrs. Reagan’s office and did a short interview with her. Here are some questions  I asked her.  I know that she had another job at  a school were she worked as a teacher, so I asked her first what the school was called were she worked as a teacher. And she told me that it was called Rouge wood. Then I found out that she worked as a teacher for 13 YEARS!!!! At Rouge wood she taught grades Kindergarten , 1st, and 2nd. She also taught at college level at Western Michigan University and she taught as a principal for 11 years. Also she told me that being a principal is a lot different from being a teacher because as a teacher you only have 25 kids and as a principal you have 600 kids!! One last thing( it’s more of a fun fact) , Mrs. Reagan favorite fruit is a kiwi. Interesting right. Thank you for reading! (:

Valentines Day

Valentines day was probably created in 496 ( a long time ago)!! They celebrated Valentines Day in the middle of February. During the middle of Feb., all the boys drew girl names out of a hat and they would have to be girl-friend and boy friend for the rest of the festival. One more fact about Valentines Day is that the name of Valentines Day came from a man who lived in Rome and was named St. Valentine. Thank you for reading.(;

The Wizard of Oz

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the story of the Wizard of Oz but the story I’m telling you about is different. The book I’m talking about is still the Wizard of Oz but it is more detailed and tells more of the story!  This book is by L. Frank Baum. This book has 24 chapters and I really like it. Also you can most likely find it at Barnes and Nobel.

The Wizard of O.z.


I know that there are plenty of stories about the Wizard of Oz but this one is very good and probably longer than most. It is a great book and I would give it a 5 star rating. Everybody knows the story were Dorothy gets caught in a tornado and ends up not  in Kanas anymore . Then in the end she is back in Kanas. But in this story, it gives more details and tells more of the story. If you do read it, add a comment in the comment box and tell me how you like it. Just to warn you there are 24 chapters and they are a little long. Hope you like it if you read it.

The Brazilian Christmas !!

Something interesting to know about how they celebratate

Christmas in Brazil is that the children often leave

socks by their windows instead of stockings. Also

another thing about their Christmas is most people go

 to midnight mass the night of Christmas eve and then in

the morning (around 1:00 a.m.) and a lot of people

go back to church. Another thing you should know

is the night of Christmas eve there are A LOT of fireworks.

One last thing about the Brazil Christmas is

(interestingly) a majority of the people there actually

go to the beach for Christmas because of their temperature isn’t like ours at all.


All About Thanksgiving!

Did you know that turkey wasn’t served at the first Thanksgiving? Also they didn’t have forks to use either. Many people think that there were only 5 women at the first Thanksgiving. Every Thanksgiving about 46 million turkeys are killed. ☹️  One last  fact about this special holiday is the president pardons 2 turkeys from getting their heads chopped off and from getting eaten by families. Happy Thanksgiving!!!(:imagesimages

Good-Bye Halloween):+++

Halloween is sadly over but at least we all still have our candy from trick or treating. Since Halloween is over everyone is prepared for Christmas but that is only because they have forgot all about Thanksgiving. The day we all give thanks and sit around a table with our family and eat a lot of food. They all forgot about that and I know a few people didn’t but very many. (manly the kids who forgot .) So I hope that by reading this post that you don’t forget about it this year.Thank you for reading.(: